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The Barnum Museum-- Is housed in Barnum's last great architectural project, at 820 Main Street in downtown Bridgeport CT. The Museum features special exhibits about Barnum, as well as a comprehensive look at his life in and out of the circus. One of the most interesting exhibits is a miniature recreation of Barnum's circus. The model circus contains over 3000 figures and is over 50 years old.

The Lost Museum-- A great multimedia look at P.T. Barnum's American Museum in New York, which sadly burned down on July 13nth, 1865. The site requires Quicktime, but has a great deal of information about the various exhibits that were housed there, as well as P.T. Barnum's other exhibits.

PT and the true snake controversy.--An exchange of letters when Barnum was asked not to feed live rabbits to his boa constrictor.

Listen to P.T. Barnum's voice--. In 1890 while in London, P. T. Barnum recorded his voice on an Edison recording machine. This is believed to be the first recorded commercial plug as Barnum praises his circus in the message.

Read P.T. Barnum's Obituary-- You can read his April 7, 1891 Obituary from the NY Times. (REGISTRATION MAY BE REQUIRED)

View P.T. Barnum's Gravesite-- Barnum is buried at the Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport CT. This site gives you the chance to view his gravesite online, and add some loving comments about the Great Showman.

Museum of Hoaxes-- An online museum that celebrates the hoax. Barnum is featured (as well as he should be), but many other hoaxes are also listed.

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Read Joel Benton's biography of Barnum online- In 1893, Joel Benton wrote a rather complete Life of P.T. Barnum. The text of this book is now public domain and online. The book is fairly complete, and has quite a good amount of information.

Read P.T. Barnum's Book Humbugs of the World online- This book, published in 1865, is Barnum's explanation of the word "Humbug" and an interesting look into the mechanics of hoaxes, and advertising of the time period. The text of this book (page by page) is public domain and online.

Read a short story by Allan Gurganus - (Harper's Magazine, June 2000) P. T. BARNUM and My Great-Great-Granddad's SLAVE

There's a Customer Born Every Minute:... --A book by marketing authority and guru Joe Vitale that teaches you to apply Barnum's principles of business success to your own business. Barnum was a promoting genius, and Vitale shows you how he did it.

P.T. Barnum Links--An extensive collection of links about Barnum by a distant relative of old Phineas (Rod Davis). Mr. Davis is a genealogical wiz, and is both a 2nd cousin, 4x removed, and a 3rd cousin, 5x removed of Barnum. His website also asserts that Barnum and his star attraction, General Tom Thumb, were distantly related!

Prodigies: Anomalous Humans:-- An online gallery of the artwork of James Mundie, which has a large collection of links about sideshow in general, and a great drawing that Mundie did entitled The Showman And His Museum

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